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Your pelvic floor is the base of your core and its function affects your entire body. However, a large percentage of the female population live with compromised core and pelvic floor muscles due to reasons such as childbirth, physical stress, obesity, stress, and more. What’s worse is that many women don’t even know how to recognize the signs or might even shrug off the symptoms as “I thought it was normal because of having kids!" " I thought I just had to live with it!”.

Common symptoms in compromised core and pelvic floor muscles are:

· Poor posture

· Low back pain

· Hip pain

· Incontinence

· Other joint problems

· Feeling disconnected from your body’s center

But the fact is that you do not have to endure these symptoms! There are exercises and techniques to help you connect back to your pelvic floor and core safety, while also freeing yourself for pain and disconnection.

In this 2-hr. workshop, we will cover:

· The mental and emotional underpinnings of what is contributing to these conditions

· Habitual patterns that can result in pelvic floor dysfunction

· Various breath work techniques

· A series of exercises rooted in yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy that benefit the pelvic floor, strengthen the core, and help create functionality and health release. (A print out of the sequence will be given so that participants can continue to practice at home for greater results.)

Who is this workshop for?

Women who want to jump-start their postpartum recovery

Women who want to reconnect the deep muscles of core support

Women who want to improve posture and alignment

Women who want to restore balance to their pelvic floor and core

Women who are wanting to feel safe and healthy in their bodies

This workshop is for you!

(This workshop can be appropriate for women six weeks postpartum or who have been cleared for light exercise by a physician.)

Hadley Corpus is known by her clients for her honest, fun and approachable sequencing, attention to detail, and a subtle way of making you work just the right amount.

She is a Feminine Mindfulness and Movement Teacher, certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, ERYT 200 Ashtanga-Vinyasa Teacher, and Balanced Body Trained Pilates Teacher.

Over her career, Hadley has received hundreds of hours of complimentary training and continuing education covering topics including pelvic floor health, core stabilization, trauma-informed, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, fascia, gait, and anatomy.

She is also a leader, speaker, and trainer with the True Body Project which is a nationally awarding winning organization whose mission is to empower individuals to identify and connect to their true selves, honor their bodies, and grow their authentic voices.

Hadley has been successfully teaching movement classes for 6 years, as well as leading workshops, retreats and training's both nationally and internationally. Hadley's work is dedicated to sharing how movement, mindfulness, and connection can heal, support, and fully nourish the mind, body, and spirit.