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Awakening the Sacred Womb

Awakening the Sacred Womb

3 Friday Nights: July 12, 19, 26



The Sacred Womb is the seat of consciousness for a Woman. Here is where we store energetic information from every intimate, emotional, traumatic or sexual encounter we have had; the beautiful, the painful, the strange, the wanted and the unwanted. The Sacred Womb holds vibrations of not only our lifetime, but from our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers as well. Because of this, when we heal our own womb space we heal traumas and unresolved pains of our ancestors thereby freeing them through our own upliftment. Join us on this 3 week journey into the Sacred Womb where we will cleanse, pray, worship, purify and honor this blessed space inside our bodily temples through the ancient practices of Yoni Steaming, Ritual, Mandala building and Talking Circles. Reconnect with your Goddess energy, the Purity that is your true Nature, and step fully into your power as an expression of the Divine Feminine.

Bring with you: a journal, a long loose fitting skirt & your favorite mug


“Madhuri's Womb Healing Workshop has been something I've needed for a long time. As women, we are not taught our true power and its source. We are taught to hide this beautiful gift and conform to the rules society has put in place for us. Through this course, Madhuri so lovingly and gently, and most importantly, authentically gives us the space to reawaken the source and feel our true and complete power. There is an awakening and subsequent release as past trauma and insecurities and your relationship to your womanhood are brought closer to the surface, as a means of freeing the womb space so as to be able to allow it to exist in its true glory.” - Leela

Later Event: July 28
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