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Breathwork Healing for Forgiveness

Breathwork Healing for Forgiveness

Breathwork is an inner journey. You will learn the breath pattern and feel how using breath alone you can access different parts of yourself, your deeper self, and emotional body. It can be cathartic, illuminating, blissful. It will defintetly be a reboot, so come ready to transform! Luke will lead the group through an opening circle, the active breathwork, and a period of deep relaxation.

Our focus will be Forgiveness. Like a flowering of a tree, there comes a ripening when it's time to forgive. 

This group is for those who are ready to move on, bless the past and open the heart to the healing power of forgiveness.

Using the breath you will go deep inside to FEEL the places in you that need healing and bring the Love of the Universe in to fill you up, carried on your breath. Aromatherapy essential oil blends, a groovy soundtrack and Luke's intuitive affirmations will guide your journey.You will leave feeling re-connected and renewed.

Exchange: $40

Luke Simon believes we are in a transformational time on this planet, and don't have time to waste in doubt, confusion or negativity. He seeks to go straight in, to open the heart and free the past. The intention is to create sacred space for students to remember their spiritual essence and purpose.

Luke is a co-founder of Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity

Luke offers private sessions in Reiki, Breathwork and Tarot at Maha Rose in Brooklyn as well as workshops and retreats worldwide.

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