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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating, the path to unleashing the body you desire.


Are you craving a new way of feeling in your body?

Do you want to stop dieting FOREVER, and enjoy your food and your body?

Do you desire to feel comfortable in your clothes?

Are you yearning to uncover that body that wants to be noticed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Mindful Eating, the path to unleashing the body you desire, is the kick-start to where you want to go.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, on purpose without judgment. When we truly learn to pay attention, we make choices that improve our health and our wellbeing. Mindfulness is the path to improving our relationship with our body and food. Mindfulness is the path to unleashing the body you desire.

In this workshop, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. What is mindful eating and how can this make a difference in our weight and our body

  2. Tapping into our emotional connection with food

  3. Tapping into our natural resources

  4. Physical hunger vs emotional hunger

  5. Reconnecting to the wise body

  6. How our thinking affects our body and our health

  7. Tools to feel good again – it’s not as tough as you think

Mary Jo Iarussi, MS, RD, from Mindful Joy Solutions, has dedicated her life to discovering the path to uncovering the body one desires. She believes there is a body in each of us that is longing to be free; that this body wants to come out to play and enjoy life.

Mary Jo has been counseling clients in weight loss and eating disorders for the past 35 years and has helped clients improve their relationship with food and their body without dieting. She enables her clients to rediscover how to enjoy food and build trust in their body through guided practices, simple tools, and helping her clients tap into their own personal resources.

Come join us to discover a new path to enjoying your body and your food.


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