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Master Healer Principles for Extraordinary Living with Tiffany Carole

Become beautifully acquainted with the longings and gifts of your Soul in this completely engaging 1/2 day workshop.

You may be a mom, work in an office, or are self employed in some capacity, but you are a healer. Your Soul is here to heal and be healed. You long to radiate light and goodness in the world. But you may struggle with how exactly to do this. You may doubt your abilities. You may even get cynical about what is possible at times.

In this potent and grounded time together you'll be experiencing the divine truths of transformation; of natural change. And you'll come to feel/know these embodiments within yourself. This way you can become more capable and confident in your Souls mission here.

Even though you may feel sheepish about associating yourself with the phrase Master Healer, never-the-less you feel a draw and pull to it that may be challenging to explain rationally.

That's because you're here to re-member yourself as Healer. Here to remember and discover You as Medicine.

Master Healer is not a lofty endpoint, it's an alignment with 'path' of Mastery. It's alignment with your Souls longing for what is Good and True and Beautiful; and your pull to co-create that. It's about internally generated commitment to Self, Soul, and Spirit.

  • Discover the five keys for transforming individual and collective trauma and how to embody them
  • Honestly connect to the five methods of Divine Communication
  • Understand the concept of "portals" and how to access and open these portals making way for quantum shifts
  • Learn about the Five Elements in a way that is natural and grace-filled, giving you visceral access to each of the five Medicines
  • Understand the Inner Nature of 5 key essential oils that will serve as great allies to you and others you are in relatedness with
  • Discover 5 potent Aroma Acupoint Therapy style mini treatments to compliment each Element and aspect of transformation


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