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Aroma Acupoint Therapy for Yoga Teachers with Tiffany Carole

Yoga Instructors and yoga enthusiasts who treasure pure fragrance from essential oils, we've got a treat for you: Aroma Acupoint Therapy for yoga Instructors.

In this dynamic and engaging 1/2 day together you will...

Discover the empowering Energetics of Fragrance model that allows you to deeply understand how any EO will guide and move Qi energy
Learn 14 of the most potent acupoints for directly tuning the Source energies of all major organs
Understand how EOs work on acupoints in order to facilitate extra-ordinary changes and openings in individuals and groups
Connect specific EOs with certain postures in order to uplevel what is possible
Understand how and why the EOs can profoundly shift the mental and emotional bodies creating opportunities for stable transformation
Learn through hands on practice and begin to feel/know how to embody the Spirit of certain EOs; allowing you to deliver their potent Medicine to the room
Experience healing and respite in the cradle of divine fragrance

All supplies included
Helpful handout with simply elegant AAT style protocols that can be put into place easily during yoga classes. Includes point location charts, suggested EOs for guiding in different energies, and the inner nature of 6 key oils that powerfully aid the instructor in midwifing Soul Openings, through the body, in their classes.


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