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Valerie Gregory


Valerie Gregory

Valerie Gregory is a certified Physical Therapist. She has been studying the movement of the body for over 15 years. She was first introduced to yoga through a friend, and being a college athlete, she took her friends offer. She fell in love with her first yoga class. She has been incorporating yoga into her everyday lifestyle since 2010.

Valerie is not your typical flexible yogi due to multiple knee operations resulting from collegiate soccer injuries. When she started practicing yoga on a regular basis she was amazed with the healing art of yoga therapy and started integrating yoga practices into her patient treatment modalities. She uses yoga as her own rehabilitation to increase her flexibility and strength. Not only did she improve her strength, balance, and mobility through yoga she also learned alternative poses to adapt to her physical capabilities.

In time she has noticed a transformation not only physically, but mentally as well. Through meditation and breathing practices she was able to better control her stress and live in the present moment. She was eager to learn more about the wonderful positive benefits that yoga has to offer and became a yoga certified instructor in 2015.

Valerie is the Clinical Director of the Affiliated Foot and Ankle Lower Extremity Physical Therapy Center located in Howell, New Jersey. Always looking to enhance her knowledge, Valerie received her certification to become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner in 2009 and Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2012.

In her spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and family, giving back to the community, exercising, and seeing the world. Valerie teaches Kala Pravinya Yoga (Vinyasa/ Yoga Nidra): A unique, flowing vinyasa style that is designed to open the body and heart, calm the mind, and help one manifest desires. This is accomplished through a seamless combination of gentle warm-up, dynamic flowing sequences, deep stretching, and Yoga Nidra.