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Summer Quashie


Summer Quashie, E-RYT

Summer Quashie, E-RYT is an artist of many means, trained in Yoga and Buddhism, arts and crafts, energetic healing and vegetarian cooking. Being taught to draw from the right side of the brain at an early age opened a world of philosophical questions that led Summer to art school at UGA, world travel and deep studies in Yoga and Buddhism. Summer has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has certifications in Prana-Hatha Yoga, Radiant Child, Prenatal, Lineage Project and Master Level Reiki. She is honored to have co-created and taught several yoga teacher programs- Sacred Shape Prenatal, Communicating with Kids Through Yoga, Yoga Sukhavati and Greenhouse Holistic YTT while living in Brooklyn. It is in retreat under the tutelage of ancient wisdom from compassionate masters, that Summer has broken habitual tendencies that run deep. Each year she leads several retreats to beautiful places in nature, where students and friends can find ease and arrive in the seat of themselves.

With 15 years of experience teaching and practicing Reiki, Summer’s artisan healing sessions, mentoring and yoga classes are ritual experiences that bring laser focused awareness to elevate one’s alignment with Source. Currently, she lives on the Jersey shore where she loves to cook and laugh with her daughter and husband.

Instagram: @sacredshape