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Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions


Beginner’s Series

We strongly recommend all those new to yoga take our beginner’s series.  You’ll learn everything from why we chant OM to the correct placement of your feet in every foundational pose.  This light hearted class will invite you in to be a long standing member of our amazing KULA (community)!

Alignment Yoga

Learn the fine craft of body mechanics through articulating muscles and bones to find a deep feeling of freedom in the body.  

Vinyasa Yoga

Gracefully move from one pose to the next while establishing the rhythm of your breath.  Must be ok to handle weight bearing on the shoulders and wrists

Restorative Yoga

Hold poses with the support of props to deeply relax the nervous system and unwind.


The foundational standing poses, seated poses, backbends, forward bends and twists with clear, safe introductions to inversions are taught.

Mixed Level

For those with a clear understanding of the foundational poses in yoga.  Our experienced teachers guide this class according to the level of the students in class.